Cross-platform Avatar Framework.

CryptoAvatars is a Web3 Technology Company with the mission to enable our clients use 3D avatar interoperability across platforms.


About Us

Polygonal Mind launched CryptoAvatars in 2020. With previous experience developing VR and mobile games, we’ve always been focused on optimization. We started creating avatars for VRChat in 2017, with 100Avatars being one of the most popular collections in the world, used by millions.

As we explored virtual worlds, we noticed a limited way to self-identification through avatars, poorly customizable by each platform. The avatar systems lack self-identification capabilities and are also easily stolen or copied. That's where we saw the potential for using blockchain & NFT technologies to provide verifiable and unique avatars for users, while also creating a space for developers, creators, and buyers.

Our Vision

We aim for an interconnected present where you can use your avatars seamlessly and securely across any web2 and web3 platform.

We have created a powerful technological framework that allows platforms to connect with an unlimited and growing catalog of avatars, giving users complete freedom for self-identification.

We use the VRM file format, that ensures compatibility with platforms and grants licensing to the files. We use a decentralized storage solution so our avatars live forever on the blockchain; the IPFS. Our API and SDKs allow easy implementation by any platform willing to support our avatar protocol.

For Platforms

By integrating our avatar collections into your platform, you can give users the ability to use their own 3D avatars or choose from our vast catalog of over 266,000 avatars. This helps to create a more immersive and personalized experience for users, and also supports creators and other developers by promoting interoperability.

How can I integrate CryptoAvatars into my project?

We've developed a range of tools to make it easy to integrate our system into your project, including an API, a Unity SDK and an Unreal SDK. By using these tools, you can easily add support for CryptoAvatars to your project.


Use Cases

Our protocol enables our avatars to be used on a variety of platforms, including Metaverse Platforms, Vtubing Apps, Games, and Social Media.

Technical Committee

VIPE (Virtual Persona)

VRM Avatar Platform, Marketplace and Hub for Artists. With 266k+ characters and 82k+ Users.

IP/Copyright Committee


Vtubing and videocalls desktop app. Use your own VRM or CC0 ones. Modify your environment, camera, effects and many more.

VRM Standardization Promotion Committee

Metaverse, Gaming and Social Media.

There are no limits when creating content with your own avatar. We discover new applications and use cases every week, that’s why we’ve created this guide with VIPE. Discover and learn all the possibilities here:


For Artists

Any avatar creator can integrate their avatars with us. Our platform transitioned into VIPE on June 2023. You can create your own avatar collection; choose chain, royalties and type of contract. Then create and distribute your avatars in that collection, where you can license your avatar and make it available across all our connections. No costs associated except for gas fees.